Lets Go Fishing

There is no good reason for me to make my first post on this blog – this year – to be about online dating.  I guess I could lie and say that I chose it because it’s backwards chronological but that just isn’t true and I don’t really do “not true” as a habit.

So the thing that I’ve been doing a lot of recently is online dating.

Or at least, hanging around on online dating sites.

Really, I’m not desperate to get hooked up again – ah see, a fish pun that I hadn’t ever noticed before!   I really, when I take the time to notice, am enjoying my singleness most of the time.  I am in no hurry to couple up.  But, I sincerely believe there is a “one” for me … or at least, I sincerely hope there is a “one” for me and I kind of feel like I have to be doing some sort of rainbow flag waving – look I’m here ish kind of thing so that my “one” can find me.  So I joined Plenty of Fish.

Now I know, the site doesn’t have an amazing reputation – but, the great advantage over other sites is that it’s very free.  And for free, you can do most of the things that you need to do on a dating site.  You can likely, if you are the right kind of fish, not ever need to pay money to find a date, or even ‘the one’.

That said, I’m not what I would consider “the right kind of fish”.

Oh I’m perfectly awesome, several people, aside from me, would even agree with that statement. However, one would have to get to know me to be sure and that’s hard on a dating site, when you’re in a 58 year old package that has done battle with breast cancer and a multitude of other atrocious things from wild teenage years, several surgeries, poor diet and exercise habits etc., etc.,.. you know… life.

What’s that expression?

If I’d known I’d live this long I would have taken better care of myself.  True that.  Also a little late.  Oh well.

So, here I am, twice married to men, lesbian at 53, multiple war wounds and a wrinkle worthy life and I’m posting selfies on a dating site to say “here I am!  LOOK at me – I’m awesome” (in case ‘the one’ happens by)

sheesh.  There doesn’t seem to be a manual for Online dating for Lesbians anywhere – so I’m winging it.   And I have hope, I was successful once, 5 years ago.

One thing I’ve learned is that it’s a bit like a train wreck.  Hard to look at, hard to look away….  and if you aren’t careful, you can start hanging your self worth on your fishing pole and get sucked into the weeds pretty quickly if you don’t keep your eye on what the hell you’re doing there in the first place.

Strangely enough, I started to feel desperate because I wasn’t connecting with many prospects.   The few I connected with didn’t have any neon lights saying “the one” or at least they haven’t turned them on yet.  But then I remembered – I’m not in a hurry.  So that’s when I decided to fill my extra time ( derived from being single and having independent children), with enjoyable pursuits such as blogging and creating.

and… that is 1 blog post complete.

~~~ peace out.