Feeling a Little Glum Chum

I don’t even know what’s up.

I thought I was having a reasonably good day.  I woke up at my version of early and then managed to sneak past the dog, go to the bathroom and get back into bed.

She heard me (the dog) but I’m thinking she decided I must have been her imagination because after a few seconds of hearing her standing at attention, expecting breakfast to be on the horizon, she collapsed in a thud on the floor again and I went back to sleep for a couple more hours.  Awesome.

So, with lots of sleep and with my relatively new “I’ll do me” attitude I went off to seize the day.  I chatted with JB for a while and then got myself OFF  the couch and went to be creative for a while.  That was awesome.  I haven’t done much in that compartment of my life in well over a year (carpal tunnel surgery) and after a few minutes in I was ‘in the zone’ again… music on, letting my hands just take over and next thing I knew, hours had passed by in a blink.

But now, I feel ‘blah’.  I don’t ‘feel’ like doing anything and can’t convince myself to do it anyway….

I have a poorly written blog post from the other night that I can’t seem to fix.  My plan to start writing regularly is sinking in the quagmire of fallen aspirations.. and I’m trying to save it with this?   weak.

On the up side, ‘this’ is better than nothing.  Tomorrow is another day.

Day One.

It will have to wait.

I’ve spent all evening just getting this blog site set up to be aesthetically pleasing and now I need to have something to say to mark the momentous occasion.  This isn’t it.

On Day Two I’ll come up with a fitting beginning to this blog.